Quality material

Softest material made from 100% cotton of the softest variety, our organizer feels great when handling it and it is completely safe for your baby room. Free of synthetic mixes and toxic dyes, it’s a harmless accessory of top quality.

Girl or a boy?

In the end no matter which one you choose, all three colors are truly beautiful. It features a very exceptional, eye-catching design that will impress other mothers too! Babypeta offers various colors for your every outfit and mood.

Soft, Comfortable and Versatile

Crafted with premium cotton and spandex, our form-fitting baby carrier wrap lets you create a warm, comfortable sling that holds your baby tight against your body. This removes the need for pushing a stroller or carrying around a baby’s car seat, and still gives you the freedom you need to finish your day-to-day work or at-home chores.

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Why so special?

Soft fabric

Hold the wrap by the top rail and center the middle marker on your chest.

Universal size

Bring the right tail under your right arm, behind your back and over your left shoulder. Do the same with the opposite side.

Easy clean

At this point the tails should be draped over your shoulders and hanging down your front to create a flat “X” on your back.

Exceptional design

Hold out the top rail and gently lower your baby into the space between you and the wrap, facing inwards, feet first and out the bottom. (Newborns may keep feet inside wrap).

Nicely sewed

Tuck the bottom rail all the way under baby’s bum up to their belly button, and extend from knee to knee for a “froggy” seat. Spread the remainder of the wrap up baby’s back behind the neck for support.

Tender material

Tighten your wrap by pulling each tail upward by the rails. Tighten both the left and right tail.

Odor free print

Tighten the tails simultaneously to ensure that your baby is firmly against you and the weight is evenly distributed by your wrap.

Easy to store

Hold the tails with tension, so that the wrap does not loosen.

Welcoming a baby in your life

This product is a must-have for anyone who requires a top quality when it comes to the product’s functionality but also is keen on its design!

A lightweight baby carrier is essential for every mother that not only takes care of her baby but herself, too! A soft baby wrap like this will help every mother create a special bond with her child and not suffer from back pains! What’s more, these wraps are just beautiful, no matter what color you choose. Which color will you pick? Wrap comes in a beautiful fabric sack in which you can keep it during the times you don’t use it and it may also come very handy on journeys. There are also detailed instructions coming with the product package.

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