If you have more than 4 drawers and cabinet doors in your house you have come to the right place

Most Child Safety Locks come in sets of 4-5-6, which is fine but most of us have more places where our kids like to "explore". We think you shouldn't spend $40-$50 to childproof your home. Buying the Babypeta Locks ensures you have the entire home locked from your little explorer for a fraction of the price you would pay for 2-3 sets of locks which are simply not enough for your house.

Move it and secure it

Thanks to the included spare pads you don't need to worry about what happens if the locks are not exactly where you wanted them to be. Remove the old pad and stick one of the 6 spare pads and worry no more. If you have more kids on the way and you want to attach the locks permanently, we also have screws included.

The ultimate child lock set - everything you need

We have experienced first hand the issues with other sets and we improved every aspect: Quantity, Quality, Adjustability, Spares and Fixing Options! You can even adjust the strength of the lock with a screwdriver so you can keep your little Hulk away from danger! Package includes 15 adjustable locks, 3 keys, 6 spare pads and 30 screws to permanently fix the locks if you need to.

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Order Babypeta Cabinet Locks now for $35.45!

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